You Should Rush Theta Chi

There are a lot of preconceived notions surrounding members of a Fraternity. Common stereotypes provide a misinterpreted and vague depiction of the men who join fraternities.

Theta Chi is founded on traditions and ideals that inspire true friendship. They are brotherhoods that intend to build character among its members. Theta Chi promotes Truth, Temperance, and Tolerance among its members. It extols virtue, exacts harmony, and extends the helping hand to all who seek it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a Fraternity?

Rush is a week long process where potentials are invited to participating fraternities to better understand their house and brotherhood, while the house decides if you are a good fit. Rush occurs in Fall and Winter and offers fun events to meet the brotherhood. Rush lasts for a week, where potentials visit many houses the first day. After the days progress you begin to narrow down the houses you like and hope to get a bid. Bids can be given any day to a potential, usually starting the second day. A bid is an invitation to join our fraternity where you would go through a new member process to see if you possess the qualities of Theta Chi men and exemplifying the helping hand.

Why should I join a Fraternity?

Greek life provides opportunities to succeed academically, develop leadership skills, join a venerable support network, and access affordable on-campus housing; it has therefore enhanced the lives of millions of men and women. National studies have found that membership in the Greek system actually encourages students to remain in college and promotes post-graduation civic engagement. Additionally, Greek-affiliated alumni report being more satisfied with their social development during college than non-Greeks. UCLA’s Greek system provides a welcoming forum in which members can form lasting relationships with one another, exemplary alumni, and community leaders.

What should I expect at rush?

You should expect to have a lot of fun, to eat good food, and to meet great brothers and powerful alumni. Our Rush events are casual and welcome all potentials. Our events offer great food, such as: authentic Texas BBQ, a roast pig, taco nights, and Steak & Shrimp! You should expect to meet a lot of ambitious brothers who are active leaders on campus, from club sports to student government to pre-professional societies to advanced academic research. As each day of rush progresses you are welcome to come back and hopefully get a bid to join our brotherhood! Selecting a fraternity is like choosing friends—pick the group with which you feel most comfortable.

What is the pledging process like?

The new membership process for Theta Chi is focused on leading the new members through a educational program that is intended to challenge and mold them into the type of brothers we are looking for. The pledges will learn about our history, our traditions, and the ideals that we expect them to adhere to. They will have a Pledge Marshal that will oversee their growth and initiation into the brotherhood, as well helping to ease the transition from a college student to a fraternity gentleman. During the process, the brotherhood will welcome them as members of the fraternity.

Will I be hazed?

Theta Chi will never ask any brother or pledge to do something that they are not willing to do. New members and pledges have the same rights as brothers and we will not tolerate any brother trying to assert power over them. The Pledge Marshal is the only brother with the authority to determine what is expected of the new members, and he takes an oath to prevent “any action taken which produces bodily harm or danger, mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, fright, or ridicule.” We treat all of our brothers, and their beliefs, with the utmost respect.

What does it take to be initiated?

In order to be initiated into the brotherhood, each prospective student must first make a connection with the brothers during rush. If he does, he will receive a bid to become a new member. Once a new member, he will begin his education program, intended to instill the expectations and standard the brotherhood will expect out of him as a member. If he successfully completes the program, he will be initiated as a life-long brother. During this process you can always drop if you decide you do not fit into the fraternity and likewise the fraternity can ask you to leave if they do not see you fit.

Why Theta Chi?

Theta Chi is UCLA’s fastest growing fraternity, and continues to excel in all aspects of fraternal growth. It has the most ambitious and hardest working brothers, who are determined to become the school’s premier fraternity. It has the single strongest alumni network on the row who have become an invaluable asset to our growth, fundraising, and network. As soon as you are initiated you gain the opportunity to run for fraternal offices and have a direct influence on the growth and success of our chapter.

What is the value of Brotherhood?

A brotherhood provides an everlasting bond, greater than that of friendship. It is a deeper bond where each individual holds the other accountable. You can rely on the brothers to be your support system throughout your collegiate tenure. They will always be there when you need them. But you can also expect for them to challenge you to succeed and grow into a man of integrity. They will push you to uphold the oaths you have taken as a brother, whether it be academically, socially, or physically, or spiritually.

What is expected of a brother?

The brotherhood will expect you to be an active and valuable asset to the house. They will expect you to lead by example and to represent our house with dignity at all times. Once you become a brother, everything you do is a reflection of the house, and they will expect you to be a gentleman and act with integrity. They will also expect you to be an active student of the university and get involved with other campus and professional organizations, knowing full well, the value of a well-rounded man.